First Photo Test

I just discovered that the Houzz website lets you use their photos so long as you provide proper attributions and links, so this is my first test photo post. I am curious to know whether or not linking photos from another website will slow down my blog. I’ll have to look it up.

I like this photo because of the crown molding. We have large soffits in our kitchen and when we remodel, I’m not sure if it will be practical to remove them. If we have to keep the soffits, then I’d like to add crown molding over them.

Kitchen with Center Island

Wow! That was easy. I think.

How to Stop the Backspace Key from Navigating to the Previous Webpage

My first official post is about my very first mistake. 🙂

I was in the middle of typing a post in WordPress when I made the innocent mistake of pressing the backspace button. Unfortunately, Firefox has this nasty little setting that has the backspace key hot-keyed to the back button. So when you press the backspace key, while on a web page, it will navigate you back to the previous page.

When you’re doing something like, typing up a post in WordPress, this has the unfortunate consequence of deleting all your work! Now, while it may have been possible to recover my work (I didn’t even try) I simply decided that this feature had to go. My backspace button sees a ton of use when I’m typing because my fingers and my brain refuse to play nicely together; and I knew that if I didn’t take care of this now, I would, no doubt, soon regret it.

So, a quick Bing search later (yes, I use Bing!) and I had a solution.

How to Disable the Backspace Key from Going Back to the Previous Webpage

Note: These instructions apply to Firefox users on a Windows platform only!

Step 1: Type or Copy/Paste about:config into the Firefox address bar and hit enter.
Step 2: Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
Step 3: Type or Copy/Paste browser.backspace_action into the search bar at the top of the page.
Step 4: In the “Value” column, change the number from 0 to the number 2.

That’s it. All done! Problem Solved. 🙂

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