How to Stop the Backspace Key from Navigating to the Previous Webpage

My first official post is about my very first mistake. 🙂

I was in the middle of typing a post in WordPress when I made the innocent mistake of pressing the backspace button. Unfortunately, Firefox has this nasty little setting that has the backspace key hot-keyed to the back button. So when you press the backspace key, while on a web page, it will navigate you back to the previous page.

When you’re doing something like, typing up a post in WordPress, this has the unfortunate consequence of deleting all your work! Now, while it may have been possible to recover my work (I didn’t even try) I simply decided that this feature had to go. My backspace button sees a ton of use when I’m typing because my fingers and my brain refuse to play nicely together; and I knew that if I didn’t take care of this now, I would, no doubt, soon regret it.

So, a quick Bing search later (yes, I use Bing!) and I had a solution.

How to Disable the Backspace Key from Going Back to the Previous Webpage

Note: These instructions apply to Firefox users on a Windows platform only!

Step 1: Type or Copy/Paste about:config into the Firefox address bar and hit enter.
Step 2: Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
Step 3: Type or Copy/Paste browser.backspace_action into the search bar at the top of the page.
Step 4: In the “Value” column, change the number from 0 to the number 2.

That’s it. All done! Problem Solved. 🙂

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